Our main-trademark and name-giver. "Commando" combines military-dressing with everyday-life suitable urban wear in an extensive assortment. Diverse accessoires from the divisions outdoor, security and more are added.

First and foremost army-oriented apparel with own kids-collection. Even though an economy pricelevel we supply excellent quality and a large assortment with this brand.

"Knightsbridge London" is our brand with an english-traditional touch. Even gothic-styled solid boots and some accessories are part of the product-line..

"Tysonz" is located in the section of athletic streetwear with a focus on american sports. In addition to tricots, college-jackets and hoodies even sporting-bags and diverse baseball-bats are part of our assortment.

Very large offer of used, original armywear, which we get directly from the stocks of the german army, german police and some foreign armys. Also added are diverse outdoor-utensils and bulletproof-vests. The articles are generaly assorted and is in a good and usable condition, even it's used.

This brand confines itself to a few articles in the section "headgear", "lighters", "shirts" and "sweater". So, in the first place it is designed for all friends of niche products.

Our range of "urban footwear" contains diverse boots and sneakers in highest quality-standard.